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Softball Rules

For Summer 2023 NSP softball, batting helmets and pitchers helmet with cage are mandatory, or your team will default.

1.      Official Game = 7 innings or 1 hour 15 minutes.

2.      Min. number of players on the field = 7; Max. Number of players on the field = 9 (excluding pitcher).

3.      Maximum 6 players of the same sex on the field at one time.  

4.      Min. number of women = 3.  In the event that only two women show up, the opposing team can waive the default for playing purposes (provided this is agreed upon by both captains prior to the start of the game).  This situation would still be a max of only 6 males in the field. If the team wishes to have a rover there needs to be 3 women in the field not including a catcher.

5.      If the game does not begin 15 minutes after the scheduled start time due to a shortage of players from one team then the other team wins the game by default and will receive +10 as final score on their score differential.

6.      There must be a minimum of 1 woman at bat for every 2 consecutive men at bat (even if a woman bats twice in the same order).  

7.      6 run maximum per inning, no maximum in 7th inning.

8.      No stealing or lead-offs -  If a batter swings and misses, a runner anticipating contact is allowed a one step maximum off the base.   If more than one step is taken the runner is out.

9.      No sliding under any circumstances. Anyone who slides is automatically out.

10. Team captains should flip a coin/ rock paper scissors  to determine which team takes the field first. During playoffs the team that finished higher in the standings will be the Home Team.

11. The team at bat will provide a first base and third base umpire to call outs.  In addition, the catcher will call fair/foul balls as they have the best view.  The pitcher is responsible for calling outs at 2nd base and home plate. Any calls being disputed must be discussed by the 2 captains and if a final decision cannot be made, re-play the ball!  Remember this is a fun league.

12. Teams pitch to their own batters.  A maximum of 3 pitches per batter, unless a batted ball hits the pitcher. In this case, the play is called dead and a re-pitch is allotted to the batter. It is not considered a strike.

13. A batted ball MUST be a full swing. No Bunting.

14. A ball does not need to pass the pitcher to be in play. All fair balls are playable regardless of distance. (The reason is that people who have a hard time hitting with a full swing so we want people to have an opportunity to reach base)

15. There can only be four players defending in the infield (1st baseman, 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman and Shortstop).  Any rovers must play in the outfield, and cannot enter the infield until the ball has been hit. Due to the difference in diamond configurations, the infield/outfield line should be determined by the captains before the game starts. Usually around 10 feet beyond the base path is considered the infield/outfield division.

16. No runner may advance on a foul ball that is dropped in foul territory. A runner may only tag up if a foul ball is caught. No other play may take place on a foul ball other than the tag up previously mentioned.

17. To avoid collisions, runners must tag the safety base at first base, and cannot touch the home plate (runners must run past home plate).  If the runner steps on the white side of the safety base (infield side) or home plate, they are out. To get a runner out at home plate, the catcher must have the ball and one foot on home plate before the runner crosses the extended line passing from the 1st base line past home plate.Tagging the runner once they have crossed the commitment line at home is not permitted and the runner will be deemed automatically safe.

18. Fielders cannot block the base path from oncoming runners.  If a fielder is in the base path and not making a play on the ball, the runner will automatically be awarded the next base. In Addition, the Fielder can play NO CLOSER THAN ONE STEP in front of the base line before the ball is hit to ensure fielder is not in the path of the runner.

19. A commitment line must be marked halfway between 3rd base and home plate.  Once the base runner has passed the commitment line they must continue on to home.

20. If playing on a field with an obstruction or a short fence, the team captains should decide how the ball will be played in that zone before the start of the game (i.e. “Ground Rule” double, triple, etc.)

21. If any tipped/popped up ball is caught by the catcher at any height that does not hit the backstop, it is considered an out.

22. No throwing of the bat is permitted. Any batter who throws their bat after contact is automatically declared out and the play dead.

23. If a game is called because of time (the 1 hour and 15 minutes have passed) or extenuating circumstance, the teams must take the score from the last completed inning played. 

24. Remember the point of the game is to have fun.  If there are any questions as to the rules, please work them out between the team captains in the spirit of good sportsmanship. 

25. There is absolutely no tolerance for rough or abusive play or swearing.   Any players exhibiting these characteristics will be reprimanded and may be asked to leave the league.

26. Not So Pro Sports reserves the right of final judgement on all game scores in the event of special circumstances.

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