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About Us

Not So Pro is a local sporting company that provides various athletic team activities for everyone to enjoy! From beach volleyball, to Softball we do it all. Our various clubs, camps, and corporate events provide a great way to play sports and to experience the unique and exciting NSP social scene. NSP creates a better community for adults to live, play, work and connect.  We provide a FUN outlet of co-ed sport leagues, tournaments and social events! Everyone and anyone with a passion for sports and to socially engage is welcome!  It's easy to find what you're looking for - whether you want intense, high level, or to work on your game. We strive to provide the best in sporting activities - are you up to the challenge? Our team leagues run spring and summer all outdoor, and include different types of sports. You can register for sports as a team or as an individual and find yourself involved in something unforgettable. You can stay active and socialize and NSP is here for you to pursue your passion!