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About Us

Not So Pro is a local sports and social company that provides various athletic team activities for everyone to enjoy! From Beach Volleyball to Softball we do it all. Our various clubs, Tournaments and Corporate events provide a great way to play sports and to experience the unique and exciting NSP social scene. NSP creates a better community for adults to live, play, work and connect through Sports and Social! 

We provide a FUN outlet of co-ed sport leagues, tournaments and social events! Everyone and anyone with a passion for sports and  socially minded is welcome!  It's easy to find what you're looking for - whether you want intense, high level, or to work on your game. We strive to provide the best in sporting activities - are you up to the challenge? Our team leagues run spring and summer all outdoor, and include different types of sports. You can register for sports as a team or as an individual and find yourself involved in something unforgettable. Maybe you want to get a team together or as an individual and play a tournament in a different city or your local beach? Great,  we have that in the NSP Beach Volleyball tour!

Does your company want a special event specifically set up for your employees to play some recreational sports and socialize and get to know each other?! Cool ,we have that too! Your company can stay active and socialize and NSP is here for you to pursue your passion- we set it up, you show up and bring your game face and social spirit!!

Register today or ask our experienced team how to set up your own corporate or charity events. Register today and follow us on social media or

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